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  1. I used Zeta for cold war and I have a few thoughts about them. The reason I bought Zeta was because the cheat that I normally use doesn't have the best smoothing and I wanted something that look more real. Zeta definitely did help with my problem but it made it a little to real the point where I thought it was turned off half the time. I could have turned smoothing to a more rage setting but I really didn't want to get banned/shadowed. Zeta also caused major frame drops, lag, and even crashed my game 2 or 3 times. As a Cheat I guess you could call it good but there's definitely better especially for the same price. If you have a good computer and you are looking for something that wont get you called out then I do recommend zeta but if you want to rage or have a sub par computer than definitely don't get Zeta because you will more than likely be disappointed. P.S. Idk why I've seen so many good reviews on zeta when I personally didn't have the best experience, I could be doing something wrong so you can take that into consideration if you do still want to purchase zeta
  2. I used the premium version of ignition which got me all weapon attachments, unlocks, charms, stickers, camos, reticles, It also gave me any character, with any skin, finisher and it ALSO gave me any calling card, emblem, and vehicle skin. basically, I got every single unlockable, item, cosmetic, or gun possible to unlock, and even secret unlocks that don't even have a name. At first I had my doubts because my mindset was "what if I want to change my character? what if I want to change my gun? what if I want to change my skin?" but then I realized that there are only 2 meta characters in the game which is the Roze skin and that one reaper skin with the scythe on his back. There are only a set amount of meta weapons, so just look up best warzone/multiplayer classes and slap Damascus or DM Ultra and call it a day. I was also scared of a ban (because who isn't) but I can promise you that they definitely made sure to security check this client down to the spec so it is 100% totally safe. I attached some photos of my classes and my Roze skin to show you that it works, and before you claim "He bought that stuff" I would never spend a dime on a free to play game and I dont have the time or will power to get a mastery camo.
  3. MemeGodAidan

    WZ - Exodus

    I used a 24 hour key for warzone exodus and I can confidently say, I've never used a better client for warzone. There are so many features that you would never guess its only $13 a day. The smoothing is amazing, the esp is amazing, all of the features are amazing. there's even a loot esp so you never drop in a building with just a pistol. I was never suspected of cheating once because of how well optimized the aimbot is. the ONLY downside is that you have to be in a game to set up your settings but you can just go into a custom game lobby to set it up. there is also a save button so you can save your settings meaning you only ever have to set them up one time and never again. Exodus for WZ is a 11/10 especially for the price!
  4. MemeGodAidan


    I would definitely recommend using Ares if you are looking for a more laid back undetectable cheese as I have heard most of the other products lately have been detected (can not confirm as I have not used them so don't take my word for it). My favorite features are the silent aim because no matter how bad your recoil control is, you will still always hit your shots. A lot of servers have client side recoil script detection which is why I love silent aim because I don't need to use the recoil scripts. I also love always day, because rust nights are horrible as you may no if you have played. The esp also has a ton of customizability to cater to your taste.
  5. MemeGodAidan

    CW- Exodus

    I bought 24 hours of Exodus, used all 24 hours, was never banned or even shadow banned yet I still managed to go 97 and 2 on nuketown of all maps with a level 1 ppsh-41. I highly recommend using exodus especially if you are trying to unlock new weapons and attachments or get dark aether because the zombies features are amazing.
  6. MemeGodAidan

    Oracle EFT

    Me and My friends have used this a couple times and we love using it a lot. Not only is it easy to use but it is very good for the money. I have only ever purchased day keys but I plan on purchasing a week key soon because of how much fun it is. If anybody is having doubts about buying it, use me as reassurance.
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