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  1. squami

    Karma - Rust

    I always make a support ticket before buying to know what im getting and their opinion on it, skycheats support is one of the best i've seen ! I never waited for a long answer and it is not my first purchase either, really great staff. I was kinda sad that I couldn't make the psilent works, but still, the chair runs flawlessly and I had no problem whatsoever injecting Karma. The ESP are great, you can literally put an ESP to every object that you can interact with (item, nodes, horses, mini, wolf, bears, etc) I always recommended skycheats for bigger games, it is my go-to reseller whenever I want to treat myself.
  2. squami

    Stellar - Rust

    So, I was a bit skeptical about rust cheats, i've been cheating in CS:GO for years and wanted to cheat on rust to get a good wipe start I made a Ticket on discord, to know what cheats were the best and undetected out here. 10/10 best support, fast, and easy! Admin came on teamviewer to help and even had to re-enable my key with the dev. I lost 4 hours, but in total it was worth it ! The cheats are really great, nothing to be disappointed, I recommend skycheats to everyone who wants private cheats Might be costly a bit but, once you make some purchases, the discount coupon code is really worth it I feared that some features could be detected or risky to use, but here i was jumping on wall like spiderman and looting everything and owning everything. I really got nothing bad to say about this website, they're hardworking i've never waited more than 15-30 mins for support, at any given hours during the day (even the night!) In conclusion Esp was good, aimbot was good & smooth, support was fast and helpful, and most importantly FPS was like I wasn't injected at all
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