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  1. On my 2nd Purchase I acquired Widow. I've purchased Widow maybe 5+ Times and I have to say this is the best one I've purchased to date. Whilst on my Old PC I had problems with crashes due to running WinVer 2004 (BSOD), on my new PC I'm using WinVer 1909 (no BSOD) it has seemed to fix and run really darn smooth. The UI is really nice and easy to use, the installation is easy aswell zero problems with that. Has a good range of Features including boxes around the AI/Player Names making it easier to identify where they are, good selection of distances and prices aswell for loot, also dead players now appear as loot. (although it would be nice if a Dead Player Feature was added). But for $20 a day, or $90 a week, I'd say its well worth. (it does offer monthly but i don't have that much money 😛). Would I recommend Widow? Yes most Definitely.
  2. For my first Purchase on SkyCheats, I purchased Wind. First time cheating on EFT, and I took this as a grain of salt. Wind is decent, the UI is easy to access and easy to use, easy install and beginner friendly. There are a few downfalls with using this though, the constant blinking is quite frustrating and the lack of some features. It could do with Boxes which seems to be in many others, but don't get me wrong its still nice to use. Would I recommend this? Maybe. C&C; If Wind added Boxes, it would make it even better.
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