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  1. Hello so I now have been using this for a few days, swapping over from omega for a number of reasons I can explain but will not for now. I have been using the aimbot when no one is spectating me and just the ESP itself is super overpowered and you can normally land easy head shots without the aimbot, I will continue to buy this and I think its the best out of all the valorant cheats (currently)
  2. DevAureus

    Valorant alice

    Hello everyone, so I have been using omega for a few days now and I saw on the #updates channel in the discord that there was a update for Alice and I have not seen this one before (not sure if it’s new or anything) but I bought it today and it’s really nice and has a lot of features I have not seen on omega like 360 aim, smoothe aim, and many others, and it’s also a lower price. The aimbot is super good and the esp also I recommend this one.
  3. DevAureus


    All these people commenting random stuff like bots
  4. DevAureus

    Media Maker

    Bahaha he wants free keys
  5. Big brain using 2 cheats
  6. DevAureus

    valorant omega

    Hello everyone I just wanted to leave positive feedback on the cheat omega in the valorant game its currently running for 15$ which is very good for what it can do, from what I have heard from most people it is the one they recommend and so do I, its safe and have not been banned yet and I will continue to buy this product.
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