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  1. Spark AIMBOT: 8/10 No Recoil is working great only downside of the Aimbot is that there is no Bullet Prediction so it can be hard to hit running Targets.You can choose different Hit Boxes Head / Chest / Waist ESP: 8/10 Item ESP is good you can choose the distance you want the items to be displayed , also you can choose which Items you want to get Displayed like Weapons / Medic Stuff / Tech Stuff and so on Player ESP i wish i could have different colors for Scavs and PMC´s but other than that it gets the job done and is working good MISC: 9/10 NoHunger , Infnite Energy , No Breath and No Fatigue work realy well and are very strong ! maybe you should not overuse it but works very good Zero AIMBOT: 8/10 Aimbot works same as in Spark its good but moving targets can be realy hard to hit ESP: 9/10 I love the ESP of Zero you can choose different colors for Scavs and Players also you can choose High Grade Items to get Displayed which i personaly Love, Crisp clean ESP in my opinion MISC: 8/10 NoRecoil is insane strong you can drive by 1 shot everyone you want 😄 TLDR; both are very good but i like the UI of Zero more it feels more comfy for me and also that ESP ❤️
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