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  1. nekormanswer

    Media Maker

    Weirddd go beg somewhere else
  2. nekormanswer


    Rust is free game?
  3. yes i feel pubg have many many hackers all kinds of programs cuz bad anticheat
  4. nekormanswer

    Oracle EFT

    Good cheat. missing a few things like item price , and loose items on ground. Some extracts dont show. But overall gets the job done with some adjusting, ESP and aimbot work, i would avoid using No Recoil.
  5. i used to liek rust aalot maybe i will ltry aagain with this 🙂
  6. yea looks hard to tell in ths gaame
  7. just raging huh lol
  8. do this drop ur fps alot?
  9. Pretty good for external hack, pretty basic features takes some learning but it def works. give it a solid 7.5/10
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