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  1. So i have 3+ apex accounts, 2 in pred, one banned(rage hacked on), and a few gold elo smurfs to play with friends. I usually use Midnight because the low fov aimbot is the best of all the apex cheats i've tried. Smart was released not to long ago so i figured i'd give it a try. Here is what i said about it on discord "After one game and 4k dmg and 15 kills. i can already tell i will hardly ever use the aimbot lol Fov is way to huge on it. lowest you can go is 100 which is still a massive circle. 25 to 50 would be awesome but its not a option. So overall i'd recommend Smart if you just want Player and loot esp. or if you want to rage hack." The cheat would be better than midnight if they would allow a lower fov option, atm 100 is lowest so using aimbot makes it beyond obvious that you're hacking. Player esp i do enjoy more than Midnights, and the item esp is great as well. Overall i rate the cheat a 2.5/5 -Pros- Player esp and item esp are among the best of any apex cheat chams/xray is a good. built in spoofer could be a life saver to some -Cons- aimbot to strong and obvious due to high fov, so will most likely get called out and/or banned if you use aimbot alot. Menu could use some work
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