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  1. Firstly id like to say I've tried many injectors before through several well known sites and Sky's is by far at the top by miles. I play legit but sometimes I like to spice it up and have some aggressive games and do a little boosting with my pals. I dont like being sus so overall the aim settings provided are easy to use and figure out to get the least sus settings as possible as I want my gameplay to look natural every game. Being able to have auto Class Abilities is a valuable asset to have as it makes you look that much more legit. 10/10 The visuals and distance are great But there was small Glitches with the ESP and would Correct once you got closer 🙂 So No actual problems. 10/10 The fov and smooth adjustments are super easy to dial in to your preferred settings. Customizable bot buttons are great as I dont like having it constantly enabled. If you rage and have someone jump in and view you without having auto shut off on smashing the delete key to end all is a life saver. overall i'm pretty impressed. This was my First Overwatch Cheat 🙂 10/10 recommend and enjoy using this injector and will continue to support Sky;s. The support and customer service is quick and responsive. Thanks guys, great work. ~Neco2999
  2. Hello all. I've been a member of Sky's since the beginning, and ever since then, I've been jumping on and off of Escape from Tarkov with cheese. Overall, I am 100% satisfied with the services, both in game as well as the customer service here. Even the Discord Chat consists of other friendly cheesers who would help each other out in terms of minor issues. You certainly don't see that with any other service. Below is a detailed review of the EFT cheese, most of which I use, although there are a few that I personally don't use. 1) Aimbot 5/10 When I first started using this, there were a few issues with it. Sometimes the snapping would be all over the place, or it just doesn't work. - No breath/no sway 0/10 It does not have No sway or no Breath - No recoil 0/10 Has No, No recoil. 2) ESP 8/10 - Player ESP 10/10 -Usually when I play solo. - Loot ESP 9/10 - Back then, the only thing that I would enable are for rare things, such as Bitcoin, M4s, etc. Now I only use it to find Player Inventory (dead bodies). I'd enable it, then, Kill then loot. I haven't used Loot ESP for a while as going around and searching for loot seems more exciting. Overall, I am very satisfied with this service. Sky also offers discounts the longer your subscription is, and every time they have down time, you will be compensated for it. I will be happily renewing in the future.
  3. Hey guys first off i wanted to say ive been a member of sky for 2 years now, and Ive used Multiple Cheeses on here From apex to Pubg, to CodMW, to EFT Now this Review is for Oracle. Aimbot - 9/10 I gave this a 9 because i think it deserves a 9 It does what its suppose to do. ESP - 10/10 Solid ESP Like most Skeleton is nice, so is the Loot ESP. Misc - 10/10 These features are great but not the best Still give it a solid 10 because it has helped me make the roubles Overall - 10/10 Cheese Would definitely recommend to all that have thought about it you wont regret this purchase 🙂 Thanks Neco2999
  4. Sup everyone! So, i've been using this Cheat for a few Games and I have to say, its amazing so I thought i'd let you Guys know with a short Review. Features Player ES.P: Not much to say about this one, it does what it should and works perfectly fine. It has some troubles Detecting Enemys Heads as Visible when behind some Walls but other than that, perfect. Item ES.P: Same as the Player ES.P, works perfectly fine. Needs some Settings to be done from the Player itself since otherwise the whole Screen would be full of Items showing up. But its awesome and super easy to find what you need with it. It would be nice if the cheese ES.P Overall: Great Features, especially the "Inventory" Part where you can see what the Enemy Player has in his Inventory, helps a lot to decide wether to go for the Guy and kill him or spare his life and look for a better Victim. Rating for the ES.P: 10/10 Aim**t: The Aim**t is super awesome and works flawlessly. The Customization is awesome, super accurate. No sway / No breath / No recoil is awesome, yet I think its a bit obvious I dont have those Features on all the time. It has everything what an Aimbot should have, and works the way an Aimbot should work, great work. Rating for the Aimbot: 10/10 Misc Features: I havent really used alot of the Misc Features so im just going to talk about those that I have used and ignore the others for now. Auto Unlocker: I didnt try as it said there was Risk. Rating for Misc Features: 8/10 2. Security Cant really say much about this one so far, but as of right now it looks good. As of right now I havent had any Problems. Rating for Security: --- I leave this blank for now and will Update the Review when I used the Cheat a bit longer. 3. Price 20$ for a Cheat like this is nothing. Super fair price, nothing else to say about this! Thanks for the oportunity to have such an awesome Cheese Cheers Neco2999
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