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  1. I have used many cheats in the past, Private/Public cheats for Apex Legends. This is how I view the cheat and my personal opinion. Have been using the aimbot a lot, honestly has been pretty amazing, hit all my shots and I constantly play on 150ms ping. Only problem that occurred was where the aimbot randomly snaps away from a person. (Known bug) but except that, highly recommend using the aimbot. ESP works as it should, never ran into any problems. Would suggest maybe adding bone ESP in the near future, but functionality wise the ESP is perfect!! Not much you can say about it, but it works perfectly and its great being able to see purples and golds from far away and snatching them before your teammates. Was surprised to see this was a feature and got excited when I first started using it. Cheat is great, once the random BSOD and random Aimbot snapping gets fixed, cheat will be perfect and cant wait for that. Overall great cheat again by Proof Core and will definitely be renewing my subscription for Apex Legends
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