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  1. Play for 2 days. 15 chickens. 6-12 kills per game. 1st account 24hrs ban now . >10 games mostly over 9 kills... that cost too many report cuz i did rage killing ...no acting. 2ed account still safe . 5 chickens 6-10 kills per game, play legit 2 chickens rage 11-13 kills. Damn, I'm sleepy now lol !! REVIEWS : over 350m, using sniper, target not moving , 1-2 head shots. if moving 3-5 shots. lucky time 2 hits in a roll melt down target even moving.. within 300m , using sniper, target not moving 1 head shot 100% melt down. within 300m, using sniper, target moving. 2-3 shot, sometimes 1 head shot ! within 200m, AK. M4 M16 MK47 etc .. 20-50% bullets melt everyone down even other cheaters. doesnt metter moving or not. within 200m, SKS FNFL MINI14. 3-5 shots kills everyone, 2 head within 100m , you are the boss now .😆
  2. huhu521bt5

    80 Chickens

    80 chickens From Dec.18-Jan.11 LOL funny !! Here are 3 OP cheats I used ! Adonis 5 star Voltex 3 star Maria 3 star
  3. lol Folks! Voltex ...F6 -- BulletTrace, super strong option.! how? check my pic... done a 15 kill chicken. .....10/15 using mini14 . 5/15 using scar-L .... and boom no ban !!! what a XXXXing nice day !
  4. I put down something with these two niubility CHEATs: Voltex and Maria Voltex the only Cheat i have been played day and night dont wanna stop !! BulletTrack and Aimbot is the most OP options than other cheats, even Maria. switching these two options can help you kill everyone in the match, even other cheaters. lol Also, few weeks playing Voltex with out any ban issues!!! My account still survived !!! Few weeks !! I got 6-8 kills per game mostly. sometimes over 13kills the most one is 19 kills. still no ban !! thats crazy !! All these take me to get my sercond monthly key without any third language!! LOL keep fighting VOLTEX !! Maria my backup plan, why? the item esp so good !! picture mod !! clear and nice !! i can find anything just in 1 sec !! Aimbot ? hmmmm.. i just can say 80% , cuz when player over 120m 10shots will have almost 6-8 miss with K98. M24 etc. but !!! if using M16 M47 etc over 100m......lol you may gonna get ban!!! cuz every single shot hits ! lol from 50-100m m4 ak etc. 50/50 player not moving ? 100% head shot no problem,, player moving? 15-25/40 may hit...depens on your PC ...lol These are my Revivews !! thanks for taking time here . Chicken every night ! Cheers chicken screen shots !!
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