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  1. Zeta is the best Skill booster out there. Easy to Inject, Simple and straight forward UI and lots of Functionalities. Just keep the FOV low and it’s almost as legit as playing without skill boosters.
  2. Zeta has the perfect settings you need. Light weight, Easy to inject, Undetectable and Updates on Time respective to COD Updates. If you choose to rage Zeta got you or If you choose to play Legit Zeta git you. Been using for 6 months now without a Single issue. Never had BSOD or any such thing.
  3. Been using it since season 1 MW. Not a single problem. Most legit program out there. Zero to no effort injection. External, XBox Game Bar record proof, Stream proof. Best program after Azur(discontinued) Just keep the Mouse DPI low and in game mouse sensitivity low. And you are all set. Best for use with Snippers. Needs no spoofer. Works on both Warzone and MW
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