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  1. I have used my fair share of R6 angel and here are some tips and tricks I personally think may help some brand new users not get banned and just have a more enjoyable experience! 1.Drones are your best friend. Yes it may be tempting to run in and prefire that cav hiding in a corner but its really stupid of you to do. Drones can prevent so many accusations! For example that same cav hiding in that corner? Just throw a drone in and a quick swift run through so you see the cav but your drone is alive and just wall her dead. So much more legit and less suspicious then prefiring her. 2.Skins skins skins. At first glance you may glance over the all unlocked skins but they truly do matter. This mainly applies to low levels so if you are of a higher level (100 and above) this may not apply to you. So rare skins. You obviously have access to them and sure! go ahead and use them but limit your self. Black ice and elite skins? Not suspicious at all but where it does get suspicious are skins like glacier and the beta skin. You will get called out incredibly fast by certain people. This has happened to me countless times and I normally get out of the situation by saying I got the account from some random Russian site. ( I would name some but I am unaware of the rules of this forum and its rules with linking sites) This generally gets most people off unless you get really unlucky and get some r6 maniac then good luck. 3. Until mid plat literally just ash rush and before you do just pull out your drone so it looks like you droned it out. This will obviously not work in every situation but its quite nice with the black ice 4. Play with trusted friends. I cannot stress this enough. Solo q and such are totally viable options but you will be so much better off in a game like siege with friends. Because you will get some maniacs on your team who will accuse at the slightest thing. 5. Take your time ranking up. Please. Everyone nowadays has overwolf installed and the moment they see your 4 k.d with a 90% win rate they will call you out the moment you do anything of the slightest suspicion 6.Silent aim and guns like dmrs. They are a perfect combo if you spam when ever you are about to kill someone. Most people will just focus on all the shots and ignore the stats. This will work up to gold/mid plat if you get lucky with some idiotic enemies.
  2. I will be honest. On my first ever time using angel I seemed to have overlooked somethings. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the cheat a lot! But as a player who tries to seem legit as possible I seem to have skipped over a few things that may cause you trouble later on. First of all is the little "watermark" in the top left of your game. Gameplay wise it wont really affect you whatsoever but what is does effect are screenshots and recordings. Obviously you wont be streaming siege with hacks as that would be incredibly hard to hide and is just ridiculous. Its just that sometimes you may wanna take a screenshot and it might just get a bit suspicious if you are always cropping out your game Second of all is the esp. I somehow managed to overlook this in my first play time but there is actually no outline/skeleton or anything of the sort. There are indeed chams and name tags and tracers you can toggle but for the time being thats about it. Its still an amazing cheat its just that some little details like this might affect your choice.
  3. Not much I can say about this cheat. I personally dislike fortnite as a game but I wanted to clap some of my friends. Overall good esp and aimbot. Sorry for the horrible review but I legit used this cheat for about 2 hours and never touched it again. I reccomend it if you just wanna rage. I have no opinion on the legit side of things but I am guessing the esp will give you a huge advantage over others if you plan on closet cheating.
  4. AikoAmari

    COD - DevGru

    This cheat was AMAZING. This was literally perfect for my needs. I have bought this cheat several times already and plan on getting it again in the near future. Menu: Eh? It was alright. I was not quite impressed by it but the game was still in its early phases so I did not mind but it made up for it quite fast. Aimbot: This was amazing. Simply rage toggle in hardcore and go off. No replays or anything. As long as you did not get the final replay cam at the end you were set. I dropped tons of nukes using this method. This personally is what I think is the best way to farm nukes with hacks and not get caught. Especially in the night time maps you are pretty much uncatchable. 10/10 Super helpful ESP: Once again ESP is just esp. I did quite enjoy the bone structure but its just esp. 8/10 Does what you expect ESP to do. Those were the only things I ever did for the cheat but I did actually closet cheat in a few tourny's with just esp and managed to get my self 35$. Overall quite the good cheat. Amazing for every style of hacking. Overall 9/10 personally
  5. Decent. I enjoyed the cheat more then I actually enjoyed the game surprisingly. (Not the biggest fan of overwatch) As I only played quick play this review will be from the perspective of a casual. If you are looking for competitive tips, this is probably not where you should be looking. (I was also given an extra day key so just a little +1 on that) Menu: Its quite nice actually. Its simple and slick. I personally enjoyed a few other menus a bit more but this menu is quite decent. Everything is put right in front of you and you most likely wont be getting confused in anyway shape or form. What I quite liked was the warnings that the cheat developers put it in to specify what might get you reported or banned. Manual or Anti-Cheat ban. The toggle noise was quite horrendous to be honest but thankfully you have the option to turn it off. 8/10 Aimbot: Quite nice to honest. A bit funky at some points but that was mostly my-side. I used the configs found from Aria with a few slight tweaks (I highly recommend using them) and was set. (To specify I only played widow and like 10 minutes of mcree during my time using this cheat) 7/10 TriggerBot: Every cheat has its gem and I personally think the trigger bot for this cheat is it. It was perfect for a widow such as me. I made my personal settings a bit higher of a "rage" then aria's and was set. This kind of cheating is probably quite obvious in the higher ranked competitive but I stayed in quick play and was quite fine. Not a single accusation and even got invited to a few 5 stacks. 9/10 ESP: As usual ESP is just ESP. Nothing special about it. Just what you would expect when using a ESP. I quite enjoyed the tracers. 8/10 That's about everything I have personally used in my time as a widowmaker. I personally do not know the experience of for example a roadhog or a soldier and maybe people who play those heroes may have a different opinion then me. I know there are scripts and such but personally I have not delved into those as I simply was not interested. Maybe another time I shall but for the time being I do not have a opinion. Overall I had a tiny bit of problems (main one being the rather odd wait for the launcher but what can you do) but quite enjoyed it. Overall I would give the cheat a 7.5/10. A few ups and downs but mainly ups. Huge props to the dev for being a nice guy.
  6. Brilliant,. This cheat has everything you will ever need. If you want to closet cheat this is perfect. Shame i didn't get to use a lot of my 24 hours but even so the few I did this cheat was awesome. I can 100% vouch this cheat and confirm it is one of the best undetected cheats out there, For a more detailed review look below. Menu: It has a quite slick look to it. I love the color scheme and everything is so smooth. You wont struggle in finding anything. Overall its an amazing menu that has clearly had some effort put into it unlike some other cheats. 9/10 Aimbot: As R6 is a very competitive game, aimbot is rather incredibly hard to hide. Although if you move past that the aimbot is rather flexible with the options you are given. Although I personally don't enjoy using the regular aimbot it is definitely a good overall aimbot for those who enjoy rage hacking. 8/10 Silent Aimbot: I consider this to be the true gem of the cheat. If you don't know much how about the silent aimbot works let me give you a quick rundown. Pretty much this aimbot allows you to hit any part of an enemies body and it will result in a head shot. This is incredibly good for the mid ranks ranging from bronze to gold 3/2. After that people may start calling you out for it but its still very viable later on if you know what you are doing. This was pretty much the bane of my existence during my time using this cheat. 10/10 ESP: Overall its just your regular esp and chams. This part of the cheat was nothing really that special but it did what you need it to do. 8/10 Got the job done Misc: Vault Jump: Works perfectly as intended. Obviously not recommended due to easy reports but still works for people who want to rage. 8/10 Misc: Cosmetics: AMAZING. This may be the thing that you need to decide on which cheat you plan on picking. Not only do you do you get access to every operator in the game, you also get every cosmetic! All 1115 charms and skins. You get every elite skin and every headgear and uniform. It is also shown server-side so you can flex to all your friends with rare skins such as ex, black ice. This is perfect. I loved it alot. 10/10 Misc: Invisibility: I personally did not use this during my time playing but I assume it does as what is intended. I cannot give it a rating but I am assuming it works pretty well. Overall 9/10 This cheat worked rather well. Got everything I needed and more. I would recommend for rage and closet cheaters. Truly a good cheat. Good aimbot and misc. Also great support from the staff team of angel.
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