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    Mx is Good, Esp Menu Fine i like the health bars that they show at the bottom you can tell when someone is really low with out a seer and then you know how to push the squads w taking the low person out first then turning on everyone acting like it was luck I recommend using MX Menu. Apex Legends
  2. Good Aim bot can’t even notice i had to get use to the settings cause you have to customize how far you want the menu to work with the items radar and esp, it gives item names aswell witch is very use full. You can stream it with out esp thats how good the aimbot is. I will get it again and I recommend it.
  3. Good Menu tells you items and people locations love the red dots on the mini map just dont use aimbot in diamond ranked lobbies unless you want to get hit by the Apex Hamer
  4. itsjustesp


    Best esp wall hacks i ever used i beem like crazy and dont worry about seers
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