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  1. To start I'm completely new to the ability to run Hacks of any type so I can instantly testify the ease of setting up the client and perches codes and applying the hack into a winning tool, Though I do wish there was better pricing options or an ability to buy hours appose to 24rh + windows of time at rather exuberant rates. Clover great to start with and will help guild you into the extract with ease. I did how ever experience the slightest lag with this client I wasn't upset in the slightest. the aim bots are choppy but effective and the item tracker works great as well. 3/5 Oracle Wow, runs smooth easy to apply to the game and when playing with friends its optionally smooth enough for them to not even know that your running the program. I really enjoy how the controls and fast on the fly option can help make your mind up as to how you will make the most Chad Scav run of your Tarkov career on any map (if you know the map or not) or a drippy PMC run full of tags and several complete objectives. When you cant finish a mission or need the rubles this is the Hack for you. Make Millions of RUBLES and have no idea where to put your influx of equipment with in hours of activating the client. My system is by no means a Beast but it is a Mid tear gaming rig self built and it handles this programs flawlessly for the most part. 5/5
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