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  1. Desync is good. There security when its up to date is 10/10. Ive used it for awhile and I am sad that it is down rn. The menu is easy to setup and what I really liked about desync is the fact that they compensate time when its down or when its updating. The aimbot was good but not the best. IF you would set it for head it would aim 1 inch above and you really cannot hit them. Except that it was good so I had to set it up to neck.
  2. Honestly one of the safest providers I have had the pleasure of being a customer for. Cheat works well, never had any issues technical wise. Aimbot is great, no complaints other then it not being the best at SUPER long range (300M) or SUPER close range (Less then 5m) ESP works well, its ESP, no complaints. Security wise, fantastic, Army has always had a focus on security and this is their best feature over everything else.
  3. maximomalo

    ARES review

    I love this cheat. One of the best cheat ive used in Rust. THere is ESP. Loot esp stash esp and even more. The aimbot is so good and I barely miss. I would suggest silent aim for bows but thats it. I give this cheat a solid 9/10. Ive also used that cheat for a week now and still no ban which I am really happy.
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