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  1. CodeMan


    Zeta and sky in general the best cheese out there! and always on top of updates and filling us in on new products and how they work A++
  2. CodeMan

    Great service

    Product is on point the customer support is always on it when it comes to needing help and asking questions
  3. CodeMan


    Tried exodus and it was pretty good I enjoyed the features but still prefer zeta over it. zeta is just user friendly and easy to use and has a strong responses to the game
  4. CodeMan


    Honestly this ZETA key is probably hands down the best I’ve used...15 bucks way worth it easy to use if you’re computer savvy ... this key has made playing warzone so much more fun I actually enjoy playing now after months of trying to “GET GOOD” I’m here to enjoy the game and have fun!
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