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  1. At first, I was skeptical, like most of you. But, I chose to come to this section to read the reviews and see if things are real or not; how am I sure I am not just getting scammed? So I read reviews, browsed reviews, and all of them said that this is legit and the cheese is good. I decided to give it a try bought myself a week pass; deep down, I knew I should get more than a week, and most reviews told me to get more than a week because you will regret getting just a week of cheese. So far, after a week, I resumed for a month, and the cheese is just perfect works like a charm, some ups, and downs here and there but minor ones you can barely feel them. Am I at risk of getting hammered, you'd ask? The answer is simple. It's just about how blatant you are! If you run like crazy gun-blazing, of course, the hammer is going to fall hard on you. So my review summary is : The cheese is excellent for the price worth it. Please don't make my mistake and take only a week. Get max profit for your money take a month. Mods' support is here 24/7, and they are responsive! Happy to be part of this community.
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