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  1. Blade and exodus are a great product. Although, I haven't tried the other ones, I grew to like the two and will constantly buy them. The new update for blade is amazing making it easier to use in game and the minimalist aspect of the menu is nice. I only use the esp mostly for trying to get my team to a safe place or for spotting snipers. I play it safe just so I lessen the chances of a ban. Let your teammates get the kill when you tell them where they are at and try not to trace people through walls. For exodus, the zombie tool is fun if you are trying to get weapon skins simply just tp zombies and afk with the aim on or have something pressing down on your mouse button. Multiplayer wise its fun as well. I do not use the aimbot in multiplayer simply because I do not need it lol. The esp is great for improving your game sense, knowing the spawn patterns and the main routes people usually take towards an objective makes it easier if you are new to the cod franchise to get better. Note just be wary of being too obvious so you lessen your chances of getting banned. Overall, I'm very happy with stumbling upon skycheats since the producst are great and constantly updated to the latest patch and not much downtime when the updates are being made. Customer support for me was very fast as long as you follow the instructions on how to submit a ticket and the discord community is non toxic and helpful if you have any questions about what product you want to try. To wrap it up, I like the products and community so I will definitely be buying more keys. Enjoy, have fun, and if you are new check the cheat status before buying a product and follow the instructions.
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