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  1. kyudev

    Apex and R6

    Apex MX and Azur are both not detected, still I got banned since full rage mode was a bit obv and they got a overwatch in ranked, espacially when you go up to gold in 2days R6 (Deneva) I used for 4 days now and I didnt get detected yet so I am pretty sure the cheat is not detected and it seems legit too, aimbot as well as ESP work very well recommend setting FOV down and dont use aimbot when you are upside down xD all in all theese cheats are the best, and 99% what they say norecoil is missing somehow IDK I'd recommend sky for sure!
  2. kyudev

    Skycheats Review

    Hey, I've been using skycheats for just a few days now but I a lot of communication happened, I used 4 different cheats from them already and a spoofer everything was working fine except one, but that got updated in just a few hours and the lost time got nearly completly refunded. support is kind and fast with solving the problems. They got insane experience! all in all this is my favorite platform for cheats because they simply are the best!
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