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  1. I just purchased the monthly key for this hack and I am loving it, I never lose fights, people don't even find me suspicious, the aim is so smooth that people genuinely think I am just a good player who know what they are doing. The hack is clearly untraceable by the Anti Cheat as I have been playing for a few days now, approaching a week and have not had any issues. All in all I think if you are going to hack on Apex, this is the client you should buy, it is so reliable and so fun to use.
  2. At first I had got onto a smurf account to see if I would get banned or not and I did, I will not lie I was very sceptical, but then after tampering with the settings on another smurf account I saw that I was not getting banned and I could drop back to back 20 bombs, I will most definitely buying a lifetime key when I get the money, I recommend this 100%, on a side note, my undetectable personal settings are as follows. Active - Yes | Aimbot Key - LButton | Only Head - No | FOV - 111 | Smooth - 5 | Remove Sway and Recoil - Yes. Purchase this, it is worth it!!!
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