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  1. Clausey123

    QC Spoofer

    So I tried the other 2 spoofers from this website with no luck, both ACRO and Sky let me down. The reason I was trying to find a spoofer was because I used the day key cheats for Tarkov that got me banned within hours of using them, so I tried Sky Spoofer and it did not work, I tried ACRO spoofer and it too did not work, I blew about a hundred bucks on accounts alone trying to spoof and get back on Tarkov. I eventually said screw it, I said if QC Spoofer does not work I am buying a new PC, but QC worked, it did not let me down, QC Spoofer spoofs your motherboard and Disk Drives meaning that it 100 percent bypasses Tarkov and BSG HWID bans. I was so happy when I was finally able to log in and play again, I also bought Deneva and QC with Deneva worked perfectly. The 2 ways I knew that the spoofer worked were because each time I spoofed I checked my Disk and Motherboard serials using Command Prompt and typing in these commands: "wmic diskdrive get serialnumber" and "wmic baseboard get serialnumber". Type those commands before and after you spoof, your disk serials should be changed and your motherboard serials should show up as "DefaultString" or a changed serial number. After that I would launch BSG to play tarkov and each time I spoofed before launching it would do that 2FA logging in from a new computer confirmation, meaning that the spoofer really tricked Tarkov and BSG into thinking that I was on a new PC meaning that the spoofer, worked perfectly. 10/10 would recommend QC Spoofer!
  2. Clausey123

    EFT Deneva

    This is my 2nd time using Deneva and mother of god I am in love with the cheat. I was using Item ESP, Aimbot, No Fatigue, I pushed it to the limit by even using Speedhacks and Door Unlocker which are both suspectedly suspicious and dangerous to use but I did it anyway, I went like this for a week straight and got 2 THICC Cases, A Lapua, A GL40, Kappa Container, and the amount of Slicks and Exfils, not to mention the kitted guns and ammo with mags I got is ridiculous. On top of all that I have about 70 million roubles at the moment and my overall stash value is well over 110 million roubles. Unfortunately my key expired this morning but with my next paycheck, I am buying a month key, oh and also I found every keycard except red. Buy this cheat, it is very pricey but my god it works beautifully.
  3. Clausey123

    R6S Deneva

    Amazing, absolutely flawless, I am going to be honest, at first I was only using ESP but afterwards I said screw it, I paid for the whole cheat and used the whole cheat. I was using blatant aimbot settings and was hiding the ESP as much as possible. Nobody accused me of having aimbot, maybe 3 or 4 accusations to say the least for ESP, but overall, nobody thought I was cheating, they just thought I was good at the game. 10/10 would recommend Deneva because not only are the instructions simple, the cheat itself is easy to use, and if you use it right nobody will think you are cheat. For the record I did this on a smurf account that was Bronze 2 and within under a week I got it to Diamond 4500 RP and I was only getting 30-50 or maybe 60 MMR per game. I would definitely recommend this to anybody that wants to cheat on Rainbow Six, granted it is a bit pricey, but I can promise you, it is well worth every penny.
  4. Clausey123

    Azur Apex

    Well, i started using the AZUR Cheat. At first it was pretty hard to understand even with the manual. but the cheat is working greatly. on the down side, on Apex there are so many people therefore the esp is driving you nuts. plus side: 1. Aimbot working correctly 2. Aimkey set is easy and working aswell 3. ESP is accurate on the location as well as the meters 4. Hitboxes are set really good and you can play with it in a great way.
  5. Clausey123

    Warzone Zeta

    Amazing Warzone cheat, I could tell when someone was going to peak me, I didnt miss a single shot. Not once did I have anybody spectating me think I was cheating, they just thought I was good at the game. So this cheat is very easy to conceal and make people think you are just good at the game. I highly recommend it, 10/10.
  6. Clausey123

    Sky Spoofer

    Overall I think it is really good as it is easy to use, simple with instructions, and very efficient. Each time I injected it or spoofed it, whatever you wanna call it. The process from when I logged in to when I was done spoofing was under 30 seconds. You just have to make sure you follow the instructions very carefully so that you don't do anything wrong because afterall you are spoofing your Hardware ID. Overall I recommend it to anybody that is HWID banned because it is a very simple, easy, and effective tool.
  7. Approaching 1 month using this cheat and it is still working flawlessly, you do unfortunately get banned after about give or take 5-7 days but you have a lot of fun before you have to make another account but all in all, it works, it is reliable, and I recommend this cheat 100% to anybody looking for cheap Apex Cheats.
  8. Definitely the best cheat I have ever used for Tarkov, 10/10 would recommend. Easy to use, great qualities, and overall an amazing cheat. So many different options and settings for the cheat and I think it is just amazing!
  9. I just purchased the monthly key for this hack and I am loving it, I never lose fights, people don't even find me suspicious, the aim is so smooth that people genuinely think I am just a good player who know what they are doing. The hack is clearly untraceable by the Anti Cheat as I have been playing for a few days now, approaching a week and have not had any issues. All in all I think if you are going to hack on Apex, this is the client you should buy, it is so reliable and so fun to use.
  10. At first I had got onto a smurf account to see if I would get banned or not and I did, I will not lie I was very sceptical, but then after tampering with the settings on another smurf account I saw that I was not getting banned and I could drop back to back 20 bombs, I will most definitely buying a lifetime key when I get the money, I recommend this 100%, on a side note, my undetectable personal settings are as follows. Active - Yes | Aimbot Key - LButton | Only Head - No | FOV - 111 | Smooth - 5 | Remove Sway and Recoil - Yes. Purchase this, it is worth it!!!
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