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  1. Yea I bought like 6 times already and it just don’t get old I just love every menu but If I would pick it would be blade it’s is such a good setup and the aimbot and esp on it is insane. I just love everything of this website they all friendly and trying as much people to help at once love it good job man! #Best Website Ever
  2. Cjrobinson

    Good website

    Used dash 3 times loved it everything of it I just loved esp the menu aimbot but then I bought blade once and it was amazing loved everything of it the menu is so sorted out and it saves you ingame keys you have it on and it save when you load the loader it save the keys and show the time you have left and it shows that it is updated that’s what I love so much about Blade and the loader itself. the aimbot on it was so good it was so consistent and ESP was amazing loved it can exactly see where they are what floor they on what they doing Aimbot: 9/10: love it really consistent ESP: 9/10 you can see exactly where they are and what they are doing Love Blade I would defy consider buying that again
  3. used dash again and honestly blade is just the better menu the esp. is great like i know where they are i can see them what floor where they are exactly the aimbot is just so cracked aimbotting people from 400+ meters is insane. My honest opion is getting blade, Blade is really good menu! love it
  4. Cjrobinson


    So i have had it for 10 hours plus and i love it i cant stop playing it the cheats is nice the menu is looking really clean other then that it is a little expensive for a day but it is worth it other then the cheats ive use and didnt work and took me hours to figure out but on the other hand you cheats legit took me less then 3 mins and i was in loading the cheats Thank you Skycheats really amazing cheats!!
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