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  1. Mqtty_

    Cod MW/WZ - Blade

    ESP 9.5/10 A very nice box ESP and it's extremely clean, alot of customisable features. Extremely nice, and easy to use external overlay. Aimbot 8/10 The only reason i'm giving this aimbot a 8 out of 10 is, because quite frankly it's fucken insane. I've come to my own conclusion that this particular aimbot isn't meant for "legit" cheating. In my opinion it is far more of a rage aimbot, if you are looking for that then i give it a 10/10. To the developer, if you read this i think being able to go below 20 FOV for the aimbot would be great, being able to set it to a really low value just to assist when your near the hitbox of a enemy. Menu 9/10 Great easy to use, clean external menu! Overall this is really nice software. I do recommend it to anyone looking for a more rage aimbot and or extremely nice ESP.
  2. Mqtty_

    Dash - Cod WZ/MW

    While the price is rather expensive, so far the software is amazing! Other than having to spend 5 mins disabling secure boot, everything worked so smooth and it's amazing in-game. Cheers SkyCheats!
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