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  1. Great and high quality products! I would recommend you if you didn’t purchase yet to buy and it amazing on the offers they give you they have amazing customer support in case you need help and they are always willing to help you! keep up the good work Skycheats.com
  2. sgdmodz2021


    The home of all your CW modding needs!!. Anything from Aimbot to XP lobbys for Cold War!!! I use Exodus everyday all day I use it for my Modding business!!! So far Exodus is one of the best tools I've found for its price of $15usd per 24hr period better then you think!!! I've used other tools that got me.banned within 24hrs but Exodus on the other hand is something everyone should use for there modding needs on CW the menu works both for Zombies, Multiplayer, and Campaign!!! But, I should rap this up, I highly recommend SkyCheats.com they offer amazing deals and they have amazing customers service to help you with any of your issues!! So if your new or a current buyer I would highly recommend Exodus for CW!!!
  3. Love the Content these Guys Sell The Exodus menu in my Opinion is the best menu out there! So far 5 days 374 XP lobbys and still No ban it is highly recommended for Hosting, But thats not all it is amazing for Multiplayers the settings all work as listed in the menu unlike any other! 

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