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  • Check Status before purchase!!!
  • Skycheats New User's guide

    🔹Hello and welcome to our website!. In this section I will explain the basic procedures for accessing downloads and also some guidelines to follow after having been moved to our client group.

    🔶First, we must identify the order number corresponding to the purchase made. An email is sent after you have made a purchase. In the case of PayPal, this e-mail is sent to the your PayPal e-mail address. Keep in mind that sometimes this e-mail is sent to the "Junk" or "Spam" folders.


    *Some e-mail providers do also take around 5 to 10 minutes to deliver this e-mail. Please be patient.

    For example:


    🛒Order ID: This is basically the order number, with this, we can identify that you have successfully done a purchase and when. This ID number will be needed for your approval in the next step.

    🔑Serial Code: This is your key. With this serial you can activate the loader you have purchased once you have been verified as customer.


    1. How could I get verified as a Customer?

    -It is very simple. Make a new thread at here Request promotion to Customer Group.



    And then follow this template to make a simple request.



    Please keep in mind that spamming messages as well as not including the order ID or any other type of offensive/repeated posts etc may delay your approval.

    You can check at all times that every single person receive a response, so you can feel safe on that.
    We will reply to you as soon as possible. (Usually within 1~2 hours)



    2. What should I do once my request is approved?

    Once this step is done, you're good to Download and read the cheat manual!

    These buttons are located at the upper side of the website. Please check it out



    3. Finally, please join our Discord Server. You can get a fast support from us.



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    Update News

    If you need support, come in our Customer Discord Server. - Link

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      • Simply put, these guys are hard workers, and make sure you guys get what you pay for. surly when games update its hard on the devs and the site but man does their work pay off. They surly have reliable cheats and im sure to keep on coming.
      • To be honest, this cheat caught me off guard a little bit , I do like it and i wish i had more time to review it, but it was during an update time and inflicted my time using it because of my busy schedule   but long story short i loved the price of the cheat and i loved what came with it, id say its on par with sparks, however I still dont know if its as safe as spark, but i will try it again to see if i get banned lol.   so id say this isnt a complete review but ill say please definantly try it
      • Azur was my first, and only choice for cheating in warzone. It was very easy to install, and took a matter of minutes for me to be live in the game. There is no added choppiness, or delay to the game, and everything runs quite smoothly. The only thing I have noticed with this cheat is that, periodically, while you are playing multiplayer your horizontal axis gets locked up. You are only able to look up and down, and move around. You cannot look left or right, (Which prevents you from playing the game pretty much) This is resolved by leaving and joining a new game.
      • I had so much trouble wiith the people before you, Thank you guys for coming through on a solid hack!!!
      • Everything is perfect, easy to install, works like a charm with default settings!  I'm having one issue though where if I select a new class in game, im unable to turn at all.. just stuck with the walk buttons
      • i try qc spoofer for apex legends is so good and safe ,i have hwid banned and qc spoofer protect me from any another banned  its 100% working with 2004 win version and older version.
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