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    Amazing budget tool. Currently with the 12.9 wipe I am level 28, 62% SR with an 8.23 KD. No issues, 30M Stash value and climbing. I could have Kappa container already but I decided to go for rubles early wipe considering I've upgraded to EOD recently. I've used Redemption as well, and as you may know I posted a review there saying cheap software gets cheap results, but I find that not to be true with Oracle. I really didn't expect Oracle to run this well and be updated so often, so big Kudos to the developers there. If you're looking for a tester to get a feel for the waters, I'd give Oracle a go. Also feel free to use the discord for help regarding the tool, as you may run into some sticky options.
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    Wow. Summed up that is all I can say. This software has been amazing for 60+ days strong, people getting to Kappa within a day, amazing layout and an amazing tool overall. Cheap software gets you cheap results, Redemption is the way to go.
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