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Found 1 result

  1. Eclipse

    Price Table

    Information: *Most of our cheats listed here come as a daily based option, however, some of them may come with different options, and of course, with great discounts! *We strongly suggest you to always check the Cheat status before purchasing any of these products as the cheats update pretty often, and the games too. * The serial keys you purchase from our Store, will be always delivered to your payment e-mail after a successful purchase. (Check Junk/Unwanted folders as sometimes are delivered there) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUBG: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Maria: 10$/day, 50$/week, 130$/month Key Features: Highly customizable ESP with several shortcuts for an easier clean view, Detailed Aimbot with smooth/FOV setup, Detailed enemy info, Aim key configurable, Fight mode. - DAWN : 12$/day, 55$/week, 160$/month Key Features: Enemy ESP, Enemy info, Heavily built Aimbot with prediction, Vehicle aiming pursue, Visible target checks, Aim-bone selector, Smooth & FOV customizable, Aim key selector, Item ESP filters, 2D Radar, Battle mode, Spectator and grenade warning tooltips, ESP color setups, Load-save settings. - Helios : 13$/day, 170$/month Key features: It has most of all functions for PUBG cheats scene! check it on cheat information. - Cyber : 13$/day Key Features: Heavily built ESP customization (Items, Lootboxes and Enemy options), Enemy Radar, Strong Aimbot with accurate check markers and Aim position, High detailed enemy info, Aim key configurable, Unique cheat that features undetected Flying car option. - XYZ : 10$/day Key Features: Exclusively designed menu with several options different than regular cheats: All items ESP, Enemy ESP, Warning tooltips, tracking enemy (instant & smart), walk through walls feature, no recoil, no spread, no bullet decay, battle mode. - Anivia : 9$/day Key Features: Simple and easy enemy ESP, Heavy accurate aimbot (Beastly on close-quarter combat), Detailed enemy info position, in-game tooltip about enemy aiming sight. - PAK cheat - KOOL : 6$/day Key Features: No recoil 0-100% customization, Magic Bullet, No loot animation, No grass-trees-roofs, Sound Optimization, colored bodies-vehicles.It can be used with another cheat. - Prime : 11$/day Key Features: Enemy ESP, Items ESP with configurable presets, Prediction aimbot with pre-configured setup and Lock-on target, Flying cars, spectator and grenade warning tooltips. - Xera-PUBG : 12$/day Key Features: Enemy ESP, Detailed enemy info with adjustable variables: Health, names, weapon, Item ESP with several filters for user liking (Can toggle on/off each category), Heavily built aimbot with prediction, Random Bone Selector - working with percentages (Adjust these values will determine the chances of shooting to a certain bone),Aim key configurable, Aim Bone selector, Smooth & Fov totally adjustable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apex Legends: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Red: 13$/day Key features: ESP player, HP bar, ESP Item, Shield Bar, Distance, Aimbot Range, No-Recoil, Anti Breath, Prediction, Visibility Check Aimbot, Silent Aimbot (Magic Bullet), Speed Hack, Autofire. - Tiger: 12$/day Key features: ESP player (BOX & Skeleton), HP bar, ESP Item, Shield Bar, Distance, Box, Aimbot Range, Aimbot Key, No-Recoil, Prediction. - Orange : 10$/day, 45$/week, 120$/month Key features: All ESP, Snapline, Aimbot Range, Smooth Aim, Aimbot Key, FOV, ESP Colors, GLOW ESP. - QC : 12$/day, 40$/week, 90$/month Key features: All ESP, Configurable Aimbot, FOV, smooth - deSync: 11$/day Key Features: Enemy ESP, Item ESP with expanded option filters, Radar, Aimbot, Aim key configurable, Aim bone selector, Smooth/FOV assist configurable, Battle mode, Save/load presets. - DAWN: 12$/day Key features: ESP player, HP bar, Shield Bar, Distance, Box, Snapline, Radar, Aimbot Range, Aimbot Key, FOV, ESP Colors. - AZUR: 12$/day Key features: Enemy ESP and chams (with detailed info - Distance/weapon carrying), Item ESP with configurable Icon/names options, Radar, Aimbot, and Silent aim supported, Aim key configurable, Aim bone selector, No recoil, Smooth/FOV/prediction assist totally customizable, Adjustable enemy/friend recognizable colors. - Cyber: 13$/day Key features: Enemy ESP, ESP Glow effect, Enemy information: Name, health remaining, shield, Item ESP with filters and customizable with icons or text, Aimbot with recoil control settings, Smooth&FOV adjustable, Aim prediction, Aim key selector, Aim bone key selector, bunnyhop mod, Save&Load configuration. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RainbowSixSiege: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - QC-R6S : 12$/day Key features: Enemy ESP, Enemy glowing chams, Enemy distance and health bar info, Preparation Phase drone location ESP, Accurate Aimbot, FOV & smooth customizable, Aimbone selector, No recoil & No spread features - Xera: 13$/day Key features: Enemy ESP, ESP distance and display configuration, Enemy info & Enemy health status, Aimbot customizable with Aim key, Aimbot distance, FOV & smooth detailed, Aimbone with checkmarks, No recoil, No spread with activation Key. - Udir: 20$/day, 60$/week, 160$/month Key features: 2D ESP, CAV ESP, Aimbot, No spread, No recoil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rust: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - HC : 20$/day Key features: Integrated HWID spoofer, All ESP, Configurable Aimbot, Visibility Check, No recoil, etc - QC : 120$/month Key features: Integrated HWID spoofer, All ESP, Configurable Aimbot, Visibility Check, No recoil, etc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overwatch: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Artemis : 40$/3 days 150$/week 300$/month Key Features: Enemy ESP with detailed info, Vector FOV Configuration, Aimbot with Humanize adjustment, Target priority selector, Aim key configurable, Aim bone selector, Smooth aiming, Triggerbot, Save/load presets. - Apple : 13$/day, 65$/week, 200$/month Key Features: Enemy ESP with glowing effect, ESP color changer, Aimbot with prediction, Fov & Smooth adjustable, Aim key configurable, Aim bone selector, No recoil (Work better for example with Ashe) - Mac : 15$/day Key Features: Enemy ESP, Glow effect esp with an adjustable color panel, Aimbot with 3 axis basis, FOV&Smooth customizable, Aimbot Height feature: This replaces the Bone selector by adjusting the aiming spot, Prediction aiming APD (For mid-longer distances), Triggerbot - Auto or click, No recoil. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More cheats will be added to our listings soon, check our latest news in Discord!