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  1. Eclipse


    Version 1120


    PUBG - Lite
  2. Eclipse


    Version 1115


    How to use
  3. For those who would like to pay with PayPal, 1. Please join our customer discord server and make a ticket in there. Or 2. Go this forum (Buy Store Credits Using PayPal) and write your wanted purchase amount. Our staff will reply on your article ASAP. We charge 20% fee for using PayPal. 10 STORE CREDITS = 12 USD 20 STORE CREDITS = 24 USD 30 STORE CREDITS = 36 USD 40 STORE CREDITS = 48 USD 50 STORE CREDITS = 60 USD 100 STORE CREDITS = 120 USD !!STORE CREDITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE!!
  4. <Credit Card, Debit Card Payment Information> IN ORDER TO SUCCESSFULLY PROCESS YOUR CC/DEBIT CARD TRANSACTION, YOU MUST FILL IN ALL THE REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR THE PAYMENT TO PROPERLY GO THROUGH Tips : Make sure your Credit Card or Debit Card is viable for international payments. Give your bank a call if you are not sure. This is the most common reason why payments do not go through. First & Last Name (Must match the name on the Credit Card or Debit Card) Billing & Shipping Address (Must be in the same country where the card was issued) ZIP Number (Must be in the same country where the card was issued) Phone Number (Must NOT use 123123,or any common set of random numbers) Customers Current IP address MUST be in the same country as where your credit card was issued. Email Address (Must be a valid email address) We will not call you, but your credit card issuer or bank might need this information to confirm that you are the card holder. They will ask if you made a payment to "GLOCASH" or ”FTPthebagsbill. Those are the payment gateway processors. Please confirm your payment or the transaction will fail. 99% of payments are processed and approved instantly by the payment gateway. Once your order status changed to "Paid" you may then you can find your keys at "Store->Manage Purchases" on the navigation bar. <FAQ : Why is my payment pending for review and taking so long? > Its because your transaction is flagged as a "High-Risk" Transaction. Which means , you did not follow the guide we provided above , or your bank does approve unfamiliar international charges unless the card holder contacts them. In order to protect us and the card holder . the payment gateway must go through some verification procedures. IF your order status has not been updated within 1 hour, Please contact us through a discord and creating a support ticket in there. We have support staffs that are 24/7 online in the discord channel that would be happy to assist you. If your Credit Card Issuer / Bank declines this transaction, your order will then will be canceled. You may only make 2 unsuccessful payments within 5 minutes. If your transaction continues to fail multiple times, you will not be able to make a purchase from the same skycheats user account/IP/billing address with in the next 24 hours.
  5. Eclipse


    Version 1122


  6. Eclipse


    Version 1107


    Xera HOW TO USE
  7. Eclipse

    PAK - KOOL

    Version 0531


  8. Eclipse

    PAK - KOOL

    [KOOL PAK] Information: -Supports Windows 10. -English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, French languages supported. -HWID Lock. Key Features: No recoil 0-100% customization, Magic Bullet, No loot animation, No grass-trees-roofs, Sound Optimization, colored bodies-vehicles. It can be used with another cheat. SELF-PROTECTION: - The program detects if PUBG or BattlEye has changed/updated and makes sure it stays undetected OR announces you about steps to take. - The cheat is HEAVILY packed. That means no anti-hack is able to look into the details of it. - Reminds you to hide the Pak files if you have forgotten. - Automatically hides the Pak files after some time, to make sure they have been hidden effectively. UI LOOK: Screenshots in-game:
  9. Eclipse


    [Red] Information: -Supports Windows 10 (1803-1809-1903). -English menu. -HWID lock -Integrated HWID bypass -External cheat. Key Features: Enemy ESP, Detailed enemy info, Visible checks, Item ESP with rarity filters, Enemy radar, Warning checks, Heavily built Aimbot, Smooth& FOV adjustable, Autofire option, Silent Aim (magic bullet), Recoil compensation system, Colorful item filters for each item, Integrated HWID bypass. MENU LOOK INGAME: Video Ingame: Screenshots ingame:
  10. Version 1025


    HWID spoofer for APEX, RUST, PUBG, DBD, etc. How to Use
  11. Eclipse

    RUST - QC

    Version 1025


  12. Eclipse

    PUBG - Helios

    Version 1118


  13. Eclipse


    [Helios] Information: -Supports Windows 10(1803-1809-1903) -English menu. -HWID lock -Requires Pre-configuration before launching PUBG (No menu ingame) Key Features: Heavily built Loader with many functions to operate: Enemy ESP with detailed info like remaining health, distance, enemy weapon, etc. Aimbot customizable with an intelligent bone scan, FOV&Smooth adjustable, Aim bone and Aim key, 2D radar, Item filters (each item can also be renamed), Color-adjustments for ESP, weapon, crates, vehicles, Save&Load presets for future sessions. LOADER INTERFACE: VIDEO INGAME:
  14. Version 0222


  15. Eclipse


    [DAWN-APEX] Information: -Supports Windows 7 & 10 (1709 ~1903). -English/Korean/Chinese menu. -HWID lock. -External cheat. -Stream-proof features. Key Features: Enemy ESP, Radar divided by colorful differences between teams, Aim-key configurable, FOV & Smooth totally customizable, Aim Lock assistance, Items ESP filtered in categories, ESP color changes. MENU LOOK INGAME: VIDEO INGAME: Screenshots in-game:
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