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One year experience after joining skycheats.


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I want to share with you all is.

Compared to other enhancement tools from other websites, skycheat is the best of the best. I used it for one year and just got banned twice.
And I finally realised why I got banned twice.

Here is the reason.
1. check the cheat status before you open the game.
2. Check the game update, if the game just updated today, please don't open the cheat. Wait at least 2-3 days, and wait for the Skycheat developer to stabilise the cheat.
3. restart your PC every time you finish the game because your app will still open if you don't restart your PC. (Possible affect your other game, cause your account gets banned).

These are the following cheats that I tried with no ban.
1. Dead by Deadlight - Jett
2. Hunt Showdown - Ray
3. Naraka Bladepoint - Hyper

I hope this helps you guys as well.


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