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Game List:

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CallOfDutyModernWarfare.png  CallOfDutyBlackOpsColdWar.png


EscapeFromTarkov.png  APEX.png


RUST.png  DAYZ.png 


descarga (2).png  Counter-Strike---Global-Offensive.png


PUBG.png    descarga (1).png


OVERWATCH.png  RainbowSixSiege.png




DeadByDaylight.png  RogueCompany.png


TheDivision2.png  HWID.png  


SpellBreak.png  FORTNITE.png 


HyperEscape.png  FallGuys.png


descarga.png  LeagueOfLegends.png  



 In case you experience problems with our loaders startup, make sure you have these programs in your system.


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